a restaurant and SUSTAINABLE accommodation

the Auberge du chemin de fer did not wait for fashion to apply a sustainable management policy, we have been sensitive to it for 15 years and the creation of the Auberge.

Insulation work was undertaken in the early years and all openings are now double glazed.

All our lights are equipped with lamps with LED bulbs and automatic extinction in places of passage.
Lighting of signs and lighting only during opening hours at nightfall

All our water points with pressure reducers and toilets with 2-level flushing for reasoned consumption

Our purchases are made mainly in very short cheese, pork producer, fruit and vegetable circuits and exclusively with seasonal products.
We mainly work with fresh products with less packaging and favoring "bulk" products or "large volume packaging"
Bathroom and toilet amenities are distributed in refillable dispensers.
No more individually wrapped food products (seasonings, butter, biscuits, sugars, etc.)

We sort our "blue", "yellow" and "green" waste with the choice of raising chickens for the transformation of all our biodegradable waste in the chicken coop and composts.
Reduction of "random" waste by 50% over the past ten years

To promote soft modes of transport, we offer a small room to store bicycles for those who visit us on cycles.

We are in the process of being certified to obtain 2 green toques with our Tables et Auberges de France group